Kid Things

Watching the kids playing basketball and the ending in Black Panther yesterday brought me back to my New York childhood. I’m not a movie spoiler so I’ll leave it at that.

I was always good at school when it came to the academics. I aced the regents tests in all the subjects. I was equally good at English and math. In NY (in the 90’s) the highest grade you could get in those tests was a 99. I remember being upset that they couldn’t mark it with a 100. My grandmother wasn’t going to understand the 99 was the 100. To her, a 99 was a 9.9 and a 100 was a 10. To her, I didn’t get a 10, and she thought I should be doing .1 better lol

I remember hating school and not because of the learning or knowledge. I didn’t like being stuck in a classroom in a chair in a place where snacks are forbidden. Sometimes I was so hungry, I would leave school and go to the bagel or pizza shop. Some teachers would lower my grades for skipping out.

School was sort of boring at times. I didn’t want to be involved in the kid dramas, I really didn’t like the social part of school. I was neither popular or unpopular. I played sports to keep busy. Being on the losing team most of the time taught me to celebrate small victories.

We were in a regular school (I got my family kicked out of Catholic school. I was disturbing the peace, rioting, and starting fights or something like that according to the head nun. I think she exaggerated). In regular school everyone talked about going to the specialized schools where we would learn more and be more. Aviation & Stuyvesant come to mind. Do you remember your kid mind?

Looking back, the online world wasn’t what it is today. I was in my 20’s when I first learned the technologies I know today by simply going online. I do have a college degree and appreciate that for its own value. The credit however for everything I know technology wise, goes to online communities that share their knowledge.

Anyway, you can’t change your own story, but you can have an effect on the story of others. I was driving 3 brothers home from school one day. I was talking to them about coding. One said he knew how to code with extreme confidence although he’d only taken 2 or 3 intro sessions at school. The others were listening to the conversation but had nothing to say. I hadn’t seen the brothers in a while so I asked about them. It turns out their parents went to jail. I drove past their house and it was empty. I just can’t help thinking about all the kids in the same situation.

Karla Campos is a famous Latina entrepreneur mom, influencer, and author. She is a technical founder with a passion for education, community, and making the world a better place. Karla has been featured on,, NBC6, Telemundo, and several media outlets for her knowledge and work with moms, entrepreneurship, and education.

Karla founded the consulting and education company Social Media Sass, and the Entrepreneur Moms Club with the mission of helping moms through the journey of entrepreneurship.


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