creativity is a business


Do you agree with the quote “Creativity is a Business”?

I want you to think about how you are using your creativity in your business. I always like to mention Walt Disney. Think of what he had to go through to create his visions. I wonder how many people thought he was crazy at one point. Creativity and imagination make the world exciting and fun. Imagine having to live in a world without princesses and imaginary mice. Sounds like a boring place, don’t you think?


walt disney


I was recently at my local shopping center and saw all the Halloween items. I was excited. I saw mermaid tails of all kinds, some even for keeping warm and comfy at home. Think sleeping bag mermaid tails. I think I might get one of the mermaid tails for Netflix and chilling by myself.


mermaid tail blanket


If you don’t think creativity is a business, think about Halloween and how much money is made with that creativity. I saw some really amazing skeleton dogs and dragons at my local shops. I wondered about the amazing minds and people it took to make all these things. I was thankful for those people. I wondered if they were constantly put down and told to be “normal”. I wondered if their art got ignored. If you are one of the creative people out there, know I appreciate you.


skeleton dragon


Not everyone is Walt Disney and not everyone has the inventors mind. I’m not asking you to be Walt Disney or anyone other than yourself. I just want you to think about the questions I ask here and how they apply to you.

How do you use your own authentic creativity to draw in the right clients?

I’d like to hear your answers on Twitter @SocialMediaSass.

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