Love Yourself

I’m sure you have heard those two words several times. I know when I first heard the two words together, I asked myself “What does that even mean?”


Karla Campos Love Yourself


Society has a way of telling us who and how we should be. Everyday society tells us we are not good enough while at the same time changing their definition of “good enough”. People remain either on the side that tells others they are not good enough per society’s standards (while they themselves don’t fit the standard) or on the side that feels not good enough. Yes, there are those who are in the middle or have awakened from the matrix. Those are usually the zen ones, who know about self-love and work on themselves. It is an ongoing process because we are always changing.


Self-Love: regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).


Sometimes self-love is viewed as a negative thing by people who lack self-love. Those people are still trying to understand why you are happy with yourself even if you are not what society deems as perfect. We can’t be mad at those people, they are still in the matrix trying to figure themselves out. Many times they are not very nice people. People who are suffering aren’t the nicest people. These people usually put others down, gossip, and many times sabotage the success of others.


They do this because it is what helps them cope with their feelings of not meeting society’s standards themselves. It is best to cut these people out of your life. Life has to hit them to change them. Often this hit is hard and painful. You might think the people I am talking about are criminals and bad people, but they can be anyone. They can be politicians (think about the news and the current state of affairs), religious leaders, mentors who see you just as another dollar, police, co-workers, friends, and even family.


No One is Perfect

The reality is NO ONE is perfect and their lives are not perfect either. Knowing that will help you start your journey of real self-love. Do know that there are beautiful people without makeup with amazing bodies out there. There are extremely talented individuals as well. It is not about making yourself feel better by pretending these people don’t exist. It is more about the acceptance of reality. I know it is hard and many times it feels unfair. This is where the work and self-love kick in.


I read a story once that was extremely helpful. The story talked about souls choosing their current lives to have the experience. According to the story, you wanted this life. Ask yourself why you would want this life? Really think about it. Why do you like your life and being you?


We All Have Talents and Faults.

Focusing on your talents and the things that make you feel good about yourself are a great start in your journey to self-love. I know it is not easy especially with society broadcasting everywhere it possibly can that you are a piece of trash. I find that if you ignore society, you end up having a great day. Soooo….. go out there and have a great day!


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✔ What does self-love mean to you?

✔ What are some things you do to help you with self-love?

✔ What advice would you give a friend struggling with self-love?


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